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PostSubject: CV   CV Icon_minitimeThu 14 Feb - 3:02

Hello Elders Smile

I want to join you ! I'm a piece of shit, but a good piece of shit ! Razz

I was in orphannage but I was in conflict with a member and I crush him... Nobody want me because of my reputation, but I'm not a bad boy, I don't do so much vilainous acts...

I know I were here at the start of the zdv3 and I quit the syndicate immediately... But if you accept me I promise stay with you and to don't crapulate anyone without autorisation. I just want to be a good terraformer in a good syndicate and to help this syndicate.

I'm rank 5, and if you want to put me commando I can help for the syndicate...

Sincerely yours,

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